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Cambridge Advanced Modeller 2


The ASM (Applied Signposting Model) is a process modelling approach developed to model and simulate engineering design processes and other project workflows that can include iteration. It is based on a simple graphical notation reminiscent of a flowchart, designed to be easy to read for large models and by unfamiliar users. It combines this graphical simplicity with the ability to create highly-configurable workflow simulation models. Simulation experiments can be designed to try out different process configurations in a 'virtual environment' (eg. using Design of Experiments methodology)

The main strength of the approach is its simple graphical notation which makes it easy to comprehend complex processes, even for unfamiliar users. The approach is well-suited to model and simulate 'semi-structured' processes where the modeller wishes to represent particular behaviours and process scenarios. The simulation logic can handle complex, intertwined processes containing rework and iteration.