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Cambridge Advanced Modeller 2


Free use of CAM for research

CAM is a software platform with functionality that is organised into toolboxes. Each toolbox provides features for modelling and analysing the dependencies in certain types of system. CAM is free for research, teaching and evaluation. It is developed for MS Windows, as a pure Java program it may also run on OS X and linux.

CAM can be used by researchers to develop new models and analysis approaches. The benefit of using CAM as a researcher is that it provides the user interface and framework that is required to execute and test a particular approach. This can very substantially reduce the effort required to create a new algorithm or analysis, allow input data to be easily created, loaded, saved, and allow results to be interactively explored and easily exported for further analysis in spreadsheets.

Examples of research work that can be easily developed as CAM plugins are:

  • DSM/hierarchical DSM algorithms (sequencing, partitioning etc);
  • Modularity metrics;
  • Structural metrics for application to DSM or diagram models (cycle counting, centrality measures, etc);
  • Process simulations, with output, visualised as histograms, Gantt charts etc.;
  • Many other developments are possible - contact us and we will help you get started.

Commercial evaluation is allowed. Commercial use is subject to certain non-onerous conditions. Contact us for details


Click The Link Below to Download CAM

CAM ver.2