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Cambridge Advanced Modeller 2



CPM algorithm                               Invokes dialog to run CPM algorithm                                                                                                                                                                      
Start simulation serve Starts simulation server
Structural filtering Invokes dialog to configure and execute structural filtering
Order Invokes dialog to order the matrix based on likelihood/impact values


(This  tab appears only on a model represeting CPM simulation results which is generated after running a CPM simulation.)

Distance network Generates distance network                                                                                      
Propagation path Generates propagation path between two components
Risk plot Generates risk plot
Risk network Generates risk network
Risk portfolio Generates risk portfolio
Variant portfolio Generates variant portfolio


   Partition                                 Tool to apply partitioning algorithm the DSM                                                                                                                     
Band Tool to apply banding algorithm the DSM
Cluster Tool to apply clustering algorithm on DSM
Flatten cluster Removes clusters from DSM
Apply algorithm Invokes dialog to apply DSM algorithms on a separate window

Mode of operation (for all buttons except 'Apply algorithm') - Select the tool and then click on the DSM to perform the operation.