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Cambridge Advanced Modeller 2


CAM is a software platform with a wide range of functionality organised into toolboxes. Each toolbox provides certain features for modelling and analysing the dependencies in certain types of system. For instance, some toolboxes were created to model products, others to model processes.

Toolboxes are selected when creating a new workbook, by selecting the corresponding Model type in the appropriate drop-down list. A workspace can contain multiple models, each associated with a particular toolbox.


Production toolboxes

Production toolboxes have been tested and applied to many cases, are intended for general application and are ready for use on real problems. They are included in the main CAM download.

  •     Dependency modelling toolbox (DSM)
  •     Process modelling toolbox (ASM)
  •     Change modelling toolbox (CPM) 
  •     Visual Analytics toolbox (VAM)

The process modelling/simulation toolbox also provides functionality for Document mapping and Critical path analysis.


Research toolboxes

Research toolboxes have been created as part of research projects, and as such have received only limited testing or are designed to explore very specific problems. If you wish to use them, they must be installed in addition to the main CAM download.

  •     A simulation created to evaluate the benefits of change prediction for scheduling
  •     Product architecture synthesis toolbox (EPA)
  •     Topic map toolbox
  •     Design rational toolbox