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Cambridge Advanced Modeller 2



Each collection is decomposed into one or more models. This allows decomposing a model into multiple sheets, as a way to manage larger models. Where necessary, nodes can be connected across different models using the hyperlink tool (located towards the left-hand side of the bottom toolbar when viewing the worksheet). The division of a model is transparent to simulation algorithms such as that provided by the ASM toolbox. 


  • To create a new model in a given collectionOnce a collection is created, a “New model” button is available in the ‘Insert’ band on the ‘Home’ tab. Click on this icon to insert a new model.



  •  To rename and delete a model : Right-click the model thumbnail on the thumbnail pane in the collections view (or on the model node located in the workspace tree on the left of the screen in a model view)  to display the pop-up menu.
  1.  To rename a model - Select ‘Properties' in the pop-up menu which will dispaly a properties dialog where the new name for the model can be entered.
  2.  To delete a model - Select 'Delete' in the pop-up menu to delete the selected model.